How can a newspaper near the heart of Silicon Valley win readers back from the Web? With a new $200 million-plus plant for printing the news on top of dead trees. Welcome to the future!

This "ink on paper" solution basically makes the newspaper at least as exciting as the internet, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, which is responsible for the cutting-edge technology:

The newspaper's top editors say they are committed to producing a paper
that can compete effectively against the imagery of the Internet,
glossy magazines and television - or anything else that impinges on a
potential reader's valuable time.

The new edition of the Chronicle debuted today, using the crisp new front page to promote a weeklong series on... fog. Publishers in other towns take note: If this doesn't get newspaper-hating youngsters to read, you may have to start investing your money in some kind of magical, science fiction newspaper with video, instant commentary and constantly-changing headlines. Good luck with that.