The utterly stupid, ridiculous clusterfuck that's in Albany is the perfect example of why some citizens decide not to pay their taxes. Someone finally realized as much, so they're not getting any more money until they get back to work.

Seeing as how the mostly crooked, idiotic politicians running the New York State Senate have grinded their work to a complete stoppage due to a leadership standoff that's involved everything from locking the other party out of the chambers, to screaming matches, to making face-slashers a crucial factor in New York politics, it's about goddamn time we stop feeding the zoo's inhabitants. State comptroller Thomas "The Clench" DiNapoli has stopped paying the New York Senate until they get their shit in gear. He's withholding their paychecks along with $560,000 worth of travel vouchers until they get back to work. Naturally, they're pissed.

"I have strived to avoid inserting my office into what is essentially an internal matter within a separate branch of government," Mr. DiNapoli said in a statement. "But the deadlock in the Senate is undermining the ability of state government to function."

Austin Shafran, a spokesman for the Senate Democrats, said simply, "We'll see him in court."

Spoken like a true agent of progress! Meanwhile, DiNapoli's the only one doing his job in this political tesseract of jackassery, and he's about to be villianized by the State Seanate and harassed for trying to get something accomplished. I bet the guy's a good dad: they act like children' so he's treating them like the dumbass brats they are. Either way, this should be it: if anything can make a crooked New York pol move their ass, it's a constipation of the single motivating force in New York politics: money.