Why did NYPD Commissioner Kelly have to throw the heavy hammer of discipline down on his former partner today? Tragically, adorable Pugs and Chasids aren't involved. But: a massive lacking in organization and the potential endangerment of cops' lives are!

Gianelli, the Chief of Patrol of the Special Operations Division decided it would be a smart idea to send out a bunch of desk-riding, paper-pushing cops who never see field work out into some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in New York with beat cops.

For past two Fridays, approximately six to 10 administrative cops from each of the 76 police precincts were reassigned to foot patrols — sometimes in the roughest parts of the city. Precinct commanders, however, had complained that they need their desk jockeys to keep the mundane operations of daily police work flowing smoothly.

The guys who run interference for their commanders and keep the bullshit off of their desks? They were being taken out of the office, into the streets. So paperwork begins to stack up, and maybe the red tape won't be as tight. Maybe New York's crime statistics might get higher, since it's the NYPD's administrative officials deciding what's a crime and what isn't. Maybe Kelly wouldn't want that.

Then again, this could (maybe) be a terrible thing, considering the last time these guys saw any kind of action was in the academy, and if the NYPD needed to mobilize them in an emergency, they wouldn't know their tazer from their ass.

But the best part? Kelly didn't have much of an idea it was going on, or any way of stopping Gianelli from doing it, besides taking him down. He was reportedly "annoyed" after not being told about it, even though the New York Post reported on it last month. Hm.

Regardless, the next time there's an administrative screwup at your office, say, a meeting where half the staff ends up on the roof of your building and the other half in the dumpster two blocks away, just remember: these kinds of things happen to New York's cops, too! It can't be that bad, right?