Governor of Russia's Neighboring American Atate and failed Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is going to resign from her office as Alaska's Supreme Asskicker And Number One Mom. She's not going to be running for a second term.

Palin announced at a "hastily convened" press conference earlier today that she will resign and transfer power to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell at the end of the month. She didn't take any questions, or field any inquiries about her future plans. Common speculation has been that she's gonna make a run for the presidency in 2012.

Meanwhile: what's with the sudden press conference that has her surrounded by family? That's typically more indicative of a motion of support, less one of a political maneuver/preparation. Does someone have something on Palin that's going to come out in the following days? Was the Vanity Fair piece the last straw for her and/or her family? Or is this just a very, very preemptive move for the currently unannounced 2012 campaign? Some kind of analysis by lots of people who talk a lot to come, and more theories like that abound. God willing, she'll just embark on a TV career and sort out the marital disquiet of Gary Coleman.