The Way We Live Now: Playin' hooky. Schoooooool's outttt forrrrrrrr summer! Yea! School's out forever! Really. They can't afford summer school any more. Too bad that happened right when unemployment hit double digits. No job. No school. Nada.

"Thousands of districts" have canceled summer school this year. No money! 150,000 kids in LA who should be in summer school are instead wandering around joining gangs and etc. Half the school districts in Florida have forced their worst students out on the streets this summer—your streets.

And you'll know they're out there if you're one of the nearly half-million Americans who lost their job last month—many, many more than expert economists (who should be fired) expected! "The number of people who have been unemployed for more than 27 weeks has more than tripled since the recession began, to 4.4 million. The median time people go without a job has increased to more than four months, from slightly more than two months at the outset of the recession in December 2007." The "official" jobless rate is 9.5%, but factor in everyone who slips through the cracks and we'll go ahead and call it certifiably double-digits. Sad party time!

It's not just sad. It's criminal. We should really do something about it. Call someone. Call the cops. No—call a lawyer. Oh no: a lawyer has $400,000 in student loan debt and now they won't let him be a lawyer. What are we to do?