Because Dov Charney is a hero to immigrants, The Man is all up in his business, trying to point out nitpicky technical "violations," like the fact that 1,800 of his employees are illegal. Jeez.

Immigrations and Customs did an inspection of American Apparel's LA factories in January, and now comes news that they found that fully one-third of the employees there can't legally work in the USA. Luckily for the company, these were apparently their least productive workers, because they won't be missed a bit:

American Apparel, which is based in Los Angeles, said that if the employees aren't able to provide proper documentation, they will be forced to leave the company. It said losing the affected employees wouldn't have a material effect on its business.

American Apparel: providing a haven for terribly unproductive workers of all nationalities.
[Dov Charney is good on this issue but dude how can you make all that ruckus and not expect to get raided? Excessive porn, that's how.]