All she wanted to do was get her poor little puking pug dog out of her tote bag on the L train. But then the cops arrived. And they were mean.

Was arrested by police at L train today - ffor a 15lb pug that I took out of his tote bag for throwing up and overheating. Held for very long time - photos and video and about 12 cops involved. Pug okay,. but me, very sad,

Her pug dog threw up in its tote bag on the L train between First Avenue and Bedford Ave, then when she got off the train a cop came up to her and asked her for her ID and she didn't have the ID and the cop cuffed her and pushed her against the wall and said "If you're going to act like a woman I'm going to treat you like a woman," and people were taking pictures and they arrested her and gave her three tickets and said they were going to have her puking pug dog put down but when she finally got to the police station the dog was just behind the desk and the cops were playing with it.

The state of her fellow subway riders is unknown.
[Free Williamsburg via Animal NY]