Fashion design competition show Project Runway is soon returning to us after a long hiatus, on the Lifetime network for ladies. And, in a new promo, the network makes very certain you know one thing: Good women watch Project Runway.

And some men too! Men like firefighters and farmers and gay men on Venice Beach. But, yeah, mostly it's women. They love the fashions and the challenges and how Tim is fun and gay and how Heidi is weird and German. You hear that, other women? You really should be watching this show when it comes back, because Lifetime hasn't ruined it, as so many feared it would! No no no, they've just made it more womanly.

We know Lifetime has to make a big push to get people to watch the damn show because they spent so much money stealing it from Bravo and now it's been off the air forever and everyone's forgotten about it, but this is just unfortunate.