After enduring vicious hate attacks by David Letterman, Barack Obama and random Photshop-wielding bloggers, Sarah Palin caught a moment to remind everyone, via Twitter, that tomorrow her email "hacker" stands trial in Tennessee. Remember him? He was so terrible!

The 20-year-old gained entry into Palin's account by guessing the answer to her security question. Then he went public without finding anything really juicy.

It did become clear Palin had been using the account, "gov.sarah," for government business, a naked affront to Alaska's public records laws. But that's not what Palin wants to talk about. Surprise: She wants to remind everyone how a "democrat lawmaker's son" (surely she meant Democratic, no?) did an awful thing, nine months ago.

Who says you can only be martyred once? Palin will be a martyr forever, or until the American people finally elect her to high office to make her finally stop (actually she'll still be martyr even then).