We can all agree that Jenny Sanford is awesome, right? She is relentlessly honest in her public statements and interviews. And now everyone on Earth wants her to ruin her life by running for office?

The Washington Post heaps praise upon the cheating South Carolina governor's wife today, with a piece calling her "the hero in this story." (Well yes, by default.) And it also points out that she is the brains of the operation! And, a "friend" says:

"She's the hero to her children, and I think she's the hero to this state. In the midst of this tragedy, she is standing strong to who she is and what she believes in. . . . I think Jenny has not had these types of ambitions, but I think every woman in South Carolina would vote for Jenny Sanford for governor right now."

Hm. But would the men? She's Catholic and from Chicago! No matter! New York's Daily Intel jumped on the bandwagon, calling her "a symbol the Republican Party could really get behind" (this will infuriate Meghan McCain, probably).

And then Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who is thrilled that this happened, announced that he was proud of Jenny and ashamed of Mark. It is one thing for a bunch of media jackals to say this, but it seems a little "not really his business" for Tim to be all psyched that a fellow Republican Governor's wife hates him.

But Michael Roston was maybe the first to just come out and say it: "Jenny Sanford should be the Republican Party's candidate for president in 2012."

So Jenny Sanford for governor, or president, or lady-pope, or whatever! She will surely welcome the scrutiny and attention and its effects on her young children!

[Photo: AP]