Slate ur-contrarian Mickey Kaus has been bloggin' away for 10 years now! He is most proud of a) thinking he invented various ancient quick-fix policy ideas and b) immigrant-hating.

Also he is very proud that he totally knew that John Edwards slept with that lady and he is mildly embarrassed at totally being positive that Gary Condit killed Chandra Levy, and he would like an apology from anyone whose recollection of the latter might've colored their response to his insistence on the former.

And he is kind of sorry that he totally thought Bush would be a wonderful bipartisan president back in 2000, but he points out that Gore would've probably not been very good either so whatever, get off his back.

(Of course if it hadn't been for Bush's terrible unwillingness to send all the Mexicans back to Mexico and then build a wall, Mickey would never have realized how terrible Bush was, years after everyone else did!)