HuffiPo's Nico Pitney was called on at an Obama presser to ask a crowdsourced question from Iranians. Dana Milbank called out Pitney in a Washington Post column for collusion with Obama's administration. They smacked each other down on CNN today!

The Huffington Post being called on at Obama pressers has been a great source of crunchiness! To the media, of course, because the general public could honestly give a shit. When the awesomely named young'un Nico Pitney got called on by Obama at a recent press conference, he was ready with a question from Real Live Iranians that he had asked for online previous to the press conference. Dana Milbank wrote a column calling out the dog-and-pony that was said presser as "The Obama Show." Arianna Huffington then weighed in, saying that Milbank's got his facts "all wrong."

Before defending the fact that it was choreographed (N.B. A win-win for Obama: they care about theater/the arts!) he goes out of his way to call Milbank "pathetic" for asking Obama about how he looks in a bathing suit or something. Then Milbank lays into Pitney for being such a phony. Howard Kurtz tries to moderate the table but mostly just tries not to laugh joyously at both of them. The entire thing is just awesome, because they're both right and they both just lay into each other. It's like watching a boxing match where every savage, brutal punch lands squarely in the face of its intended target. Oh, and Pitney basically calls Milbank a jealous bitch. And: as it turned out, Milbank supposedly called Pitney a "dick" shortly after the segment finished.

In other news, whenever I see people on TV yelling at each other, I can't help but think of this:

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