When Jermaine Jackson made a statement on his brother's death last night, he noted that Michael Jackson's family physician was with him when he collapsed. But who is he? And where's that doctor now? The world is looking for him.

The doc, originally identified as Dr. Tohme Tohme, is being "hunted by cops" who want to talk to him about a supposed Demerol injection that led to MJ's death, according to The Sun:

LAPD are said to be examining a BMW which was towed yesterday from the singer's home where they also seized bags of prescription drugs.

It is believed the missing doctor gave the star a dose of Demerol - a painkiller similar to morphine - before he suffered a cardiac arrest.

The paper says that MJ may have become addicted to painkillers while preparing for his upcoming world tour. Brian Oxman, the Jackson family lawyer, is telling anyone who'll listen that MJ never should have been prescribed powerful drugs.

But! The New York Post managed to track down Dr. Tohme (before the cops, apparently), and he says he wasn't there at all!

"It's not me. I wasn't there at the house when this took place," said Dr. Tohme Tohme, who described himself as Jackson's manager and was present at a press conference where Jermaine Jackson formally announced his brother's death yesterday...

He said reports that Jackson was using prescription drugs were inaccurate and blasted claims by a Jackson family lawyer, Brian Oxman, that Jackson had been surrounded by disreputable people before his death, as untrue.

And now! TMZ ID's a different doctor as the one who was there with Michael:

KHOU in Houston reports the man is Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, who had been living with Jackson in his rented mansion. We're told Murray attempted to revive Michael until paramedics showed up at the scene.

They say that a car registered to Murray's sister was towed from MJ's house last night, and that cops are looking for Murray to question—which would presumably mean that Dr. Tohme is telling the truth. We'll keep you updated.
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