"New York Post Stalkerazzi" is one of the most repellent job titles in all the media—until they attach their leech-like suction lips to someone truly deserving. Then they're great. Today in justified stalkings: Ruth Madoff rides the subway!

There she is, see, pictured sitting on the subway, conveniently underneath a big poster that says "99 cents does more," which gave the Post all the angle it needed. "Something something rich lady under the 99 cent sign not looking so good now with your grey hair, EH?"

"Are you having fun embarrassing me — and ruining my life?" she angrily snapped at a Post photographer.

This is the most dramatic Ruth Madoff clash with the media since she ventured out to buy some cheese in March.

[NYP. Pic: Caitlin Thome for the NY Post]