Yesterday we told you Kodak was offering $5000 to anyone who could track down the boy with the rose who was shunned by Megan Fox recently. Well it looks as though one of our readers found him—On Facebook!

Last night we received the following email from a nice lady named Kim in Montreal:

Hey guys,
I have this boy on my facebook friends list! I sent Him an email too inform him about kodak, And sent kodak 3 emails with tons of informations
Im crossing my fingers Kodak really tries to contact him!
I Better Win!

Since the young lad's Facebook profile was set to private and can only be viewed by his "friends," we asked Kim to send us some screengrabs of his Facebook page as proof, and she obliged. As you can see from the gallery below, which includes a pic of our boy with one of those little Jonas freaks, it looks as though we may have found the victim of Megan Fox's smoldering disdain, an 11 year-old Brit named Harvii.

Now hurry up and write Kim a check, Kodak! And Kim, you can give us our ten percent in Canadian dollars, or you can just buy us a round of drinks whenever you're in town. Whatever, we're easy.