Giovanni Luciano just got done spending a couple years in jail for running a big credit card scam in Bungalow 8 while impersonating a Dolce and Gabbana heir. Now he's back in New York and acting rather strangely!

Out of the blue, Luciano made a phone call to the New York Observer's Spencer Morgan, who wrote the original story about him, and is now writing this weirdo little follow up as well, thankfully. Before Spencer could meet they guy in person, he got an email from someone who said they'd run into Luciano last month in Washington Square Park, and struck up a conversation and spent the afternoon with him until he started acting bizarro:

At one point he comes up to me, and asks if a woman I know is a lesbian. I said no. I am off talking to another friend, when I see him talking to that woman, and apparently he had asked her if she was a lesbian. Clearly upset, she tells him to get away, she doesn't want to speak to him, that he was being rude. He further continues to justify his inquiry, boasting how its ok that she is gay, his uncle is gay, he knows lots of gay people and how she looks very masculine. Because she wouldn't entertain his nonsense, he got very agitated and angry and started to scream at her and those around, you are all peasants. He should give that woman money to get plastic surgery to make her look more like a woman.
I stood there in shock, then he comes up to me, and is grabbing my arms...trying to plead with me how my friend attacked him. I was trying to calm him down, telling him, I am sorry, I do not think we can be friends...
He clearly is a sociopath and believes his lies. Much of what you wrote in your article, he told me about. His brother a banker, his sister a model, whom has an Italian police officer as a boyfriend. He claims to live in an Central Park West apartment. He told me that he just got out of rehab for cocaine. He was an interesting person.

Sounds interesting, yes! If you've run into Giovanni, or, indeed, if you are Giovanni, drop us an email, because we like bizarre stories just as much as the next guy. Read the whole tale at The Observer. [Pic via]