Have you heard the tragic tale of the Boy With the Yellow Rose, the teen who was swatted away by Megan Fox as he tried to hand her a flower? Well now the hunt is on to find the lad.

The backstory: Megan Fox, the shapely Transformers star and current objet d'onanism for straight males everywhere, was leaving that film's London premiere when a portly and hopeful young lad—eyes gleaming with wonder, palms hairy in adoration—desperately offered her a single yellow rose to show his undying affection (though, son, a yellow rose means friendship, not love, so...) Well, Ms. Fox was so blinded and overwhelmed by the crush of paparazzi and well-wishers that she cruelly ignored him, as captured indelibly at left.

The sad picture made the rounds and Fox was criticized for being callous and cruel to the wants of a child. She's since apologized to the boy on tape, and says she'll personally apologize to him if she finds out his name.

A personal apology from Megan Fox? Better bring a change of pants, boy-o!

Now a kindly major international corporation called Kodak (they make portraiture devices) has intervened and offered REWARD MONEY for the identity of the would-be swain:

Kodak will offer $5,000 to the first person who can provide verifiable information that enables Kodak to make this connection happen. Kodak will also cover travel costs for the young man and his family to help allow destiny to take its course, and provide cameras for him to capture the moment.

Please send us an email at yellowroseboy@gmail.com [oh, and cc tips@gawker.com, though we won't pay you] if you have any information or can help turn the rose boy's dreams into reality.

You guys!!! Find hiiiiiim!

Photo via WENN