Joe Scarborough's genial sausage-and-Starbucks-fest Morning Joe took on even more of a frat-dude vibe this morning as all the guys snickered about a "pearl necklace" while the lone lady, Mika Brzezinski was left wondering what was so funny. Poor, Mika.

See all the dudes were just yukkin' it up about White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs sporting a man earring in an old high school yearbook photo. A couple of the other beer-warmed and bloated college buds copped to wearing earrings in their salad days too. So, of course, crazy Mike Barnicle thought this was all hilarious and asked if they wore a "pearl necklace," too.

All the boys laughed while poor Mika just didn't get it. So she kept saying "What? What?" like she was standing by the door of the house, clutching her little purse, wondering why every time she came to visit her boyfriend all his brothers were snickering about something.

Sad. Though, at least she didn't try to set the place on fire again.