Fox News has been going the extra mile to break things down for its most simple-minded viewers. Last night Glenn Beck made crude drawings on a chalkboard, and tonight he and Bill O'Reilly used Barbie dolls to explain ACORN.

In the course of explaining how Nancy Pelosi is trying to stop noble Republicans from stopping ACORN from destroying America, Beck reached under the table and pulled out a Barbie kit. Now, we watched this demonstration twice and actually don't get what Beck is trying to convey, so either we're stupider than even the basest Fox viewer or our elitists brains just can't process anything that comes spewing from the mouths of these clowns. Maybe you'll have better luck.

And if you just can't get enough of Glenn Beck playing with Barbie dolls on national television, he used an even bigger Barbie set on his show earlier in the evening, as seen in the video below.