As previously rumored, Katie Holmes and her dashing space bride Tom Cruise might be moving to New York permanently. (As permanent as movie stars move, anyway). The Village Voice thinks they may have tracked down their new pad.

Though Cruise has owned an apartment just south of Union Square for a long while now, there's a honking 8,000 square foot home that's just been sold on West 12th street. Maybe to Kom (more alien sounding then TomKat, I think, and thus better), says a doorman in the neighborhood.

Now of course none of this is confirmed, and the seller isn't talking. The property was bought in April for $15 million by a private LLC (we hope it was called The Firm), under strict confidentially agreements. The couple's reps have all denied that the home is theirs, and neighbors aren't talking either. Though, a kindly doorman was awfully helpful:

Can't tell you who lives there. I would lose my job. But you know, we doormen know everything that goes on around here. I can tell you the owner won't be there much because he'll be filming in LA a lot, and I can tell you he bought the house for his wife, who was in a Broadway show. But I can't tell you who it is. I could lose my job.

So, pretty much yes it's them! Hope you're job's OK, dude. And, again, he makes the good point that these two won't really live there. Most famous actors don't really live anywhere! They just own empty, drafty status symbols and spend their days floating jellyfish-like through a sad series of hotel suites. Basically, Lost in Translation was real.