Even if you're lucky enough to have work, you may not be lucky enough to actually collect a check. If public shame is your only option, tell us about it and we'll post your story. Today: Amy Sacco's Bungalow 8.

A few years ago, Amy Sacco was the hottest nightlife impresario in New York. Now, we hear, Bungalow 8— the once celebrity-heavy club that was Sacco's crown jewel—has stopped paying its employees. Is she totally broke this time?

Today we spoke to DJ Rafael, who DJ'd at Bungalow 8 about twice a week for the past three years. Two weeks ago, he finally quit. Since late January, he says, the club has paid its employees only "here and there." And since March or so, it's barely paid any salaried employees at all.

Rafael says he's personally owed "thousands." And, he says he's not the only one. For most of this year, Bungalow has only been paying its employees intermittently, at best. He hears that some kitchen workers have received no money at all for months. Many employees are trying to hang on and hope for the best because of the terrible job market, but, he says of Bungalow, "They're broke and they need to close."

Of course, Sacco's empire has been dying for at least a year now. Her Bungalow 8 expansion to London got a tepid reception; her NYC restaurant Bette closed abruptly last summer; Josh Stein wrote a semi-requiem for her in Page Six Magazine.

But the death of Bungalow 8 would mean the party is really over. It doesn't sound good. If you're an employee owed money, email us and tell us your story.