Joe Mande, the NYC comedian revealed yesterday as the author of the Look At This Fucking Hipster blog and recipient of the latest Tumblr-to-Book deal, has shed some comedic light on his book deal, via email. Here it is:

[In response to some vague, inane questions from us]:

Yeah, the book deal is really exciting. I'm not really at liberty to discuss how much the deal was worth (but let's just say I'll finally be able to buy the entire Criterion Collection). "Aggressive" is definitely the right word to describe the negotiations. During our meetings, everyone at St. Martin's Press kept staring at me and telling me to take my shirt off. It was kind of uncomfortable at first, but after a while I caved in. We're together now.

Obviously, I'm pleasantly surprised that this book deal happened. It wasn't my goal when I started the blog a few months ago, but I think it'll be a fun thing to do and I'm sure all the Gawker commenters out there will really like it. Whoops, no they won't.

The book will hopefully be out by Spring 2010. Unless people suddenly stop doing cocaine during the day, in which case it may take a bit longer.

See how graciously he handled your unexpected outpouring of disdain for his blog! Come on now. You know that blog has funny pictures. Come on.