Oh, phew! The hole-in-the-head gang at Fox & Friends finally had a lucid and credible debate about an important topic. Abortion? No. Iran? Nah. The earth-shattering divorce of Jon & Kate Gosselin? Why yes, of course.

OK, and when we say "lucid" and "credible," one must remember that we're speaking relatively. The conversation still eerily resembled three raccoons swatting at moths in an empty warehouse, it's just that this time they maybe actually caught a bug or two.

Of course in the end Brian Kilmeade had to go and talk about chunky soup and then Gretchen Carlson proffered her sage medical augury, so the sweater started to unravel, but for a second! For a brief moment they were shining and wise! Like three be-mortarboarded owls, hooting meekly at the cold, oblivious sky.