Megan Fox cites confusion in explaining away the infamous flower incident, Ryan Seacrest is developing a Lindsay Lohan reality show, Kate Moss is an absolute pain in the arse girlfriend, and Katie Lee Joel's new man is shagging fashion editors.

  • Megan Fox said that she was blinded by the paparazzi flashes going off and all the people calling her name and she was so confused by it all that she didn't see the kid trying to give her a flower in the now infamous moment captured on film and circulated everywhere. Of the incident she said, "I feel so sad for him...that kills me," and offered to send him and autograph to take his virginity or something. She's so cool, isn't she? [Collider]

  • Ryan Seacrest and Lindsay Lohan are developing some sort of reality show starring Lindsay that helps out people who have messed up their lives and gives them a million bucks to start over again. We just hope that Lindsay doesn't steal all the money. [Daily News]

  • Kate Moss got into a fight with her new rocker boyfriend and got so pissed that she tossed his laptop into a swimming pool. Unfortunately, the laptop had six new songs by his band, The Kills, on it that weren't backed up anywhere else, and now they're gone forever. Such are the perils of rockers who date coke-addled supermodels. [Mirror]

  • The dude who's been banging Katie Lee Joel, Yigal Azrouel, has apparently been spreading the love all over the place with multiple women. Page Six reports today that he especially loves to bone fashion magazine editors who he thinks can help his career as a designer. [Page Six]

  • Harvey Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black says that he knew growing up Mormon that God didn't love him because he's a gay man, and that he even contemplated suicide. [Gatecrasher]

  • Rihanna is set to take the stand and spill the beans against Chris Brown in court today about his vicious assault against her earlier in the year. [Daily News]

  • Sarah Jessica Parker got pulled over in the Hamptons the other night for driving her Mercedes minivan without the headlights on. Her son James was in the back seat. Kate Gosselin would be proud. [Page Six]

  • Cristiano Ronaldo said that he had a great time "talking" to Paris Hilton during their recent hookup that sent the London tabloids into a hysterical frenzy. [Sun]

  • Poor little Mercy. Madonna latest African adoption, already looks confused and bewildered as all hell. [Daily Mail]