Everybody already knows that the Hamptons is the universe's vortex of suck, but here's another reason why: Restaurant/club owners who, as a method of crowd control, roll up the awning sheltering the crowd outside waiting for tables during a downpour.

The culprit is this case was a usual suspect, Matt Levine, owner of The Eldridge, the staggering den of douchebaggery on the Lower East Side frequented by laser-card carrying "quality people," where a specialty mixed drink will run you $32, if, that is, you're touched by the hand of God and allowed in to mingle with a group of people who should probably all be sterilized for the sake of humanity.

PlumTV's Nick Leighton was on the scene at Levine's Hamptons outpost, Georgica, in the pouring rain, with a camera when Levine rolled up the awning on dozens of people eager to drop hundreds of dollars on sub-par food and crap service.

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And if you've never been to the Hamptons and need more convincing of how truly awful it really is, watch this other PlumTV clip from this weekend below featuring The Blue Parrot, a place that in any other American town would be just another carbon-copy Mexican joint trying too hard to be "quirky" by serving margaritas out of mason jars, but since it's owned by Ron Perelman, Renee Zellweger and Jon Bon Jovi, it's a place where "everyone is scrambling for a table," including Martha Stewart, clearly wasted after drinking a single "Dirty Bird" margarita.

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