So: someone at a Bolivian television station and someone at a Dutch radio station are sitting around on a Sunday, probably bored. And then, boom: they think they scooped the world with footage from Air France Flight 447.

Too bad they don't watch Lost. Because then they would've known that the stills they posted to their website and the footage they used on TV came straight from the wonderful mind of JJ Abrams and crew.

The Dutch radio station, BNR, called the photos reliable ("betrouwbare") on their site while the Bolivian station actually used them for a full segment. You can see a screengrab of the site here and check out video of the Bolivian segment below. That being said, seeing this stuff is still eerily resonant. The theory that Air France Flight 447 broke apart in mid-air is becoming more and concrete with every piece of evidence from the flight they recover. Still: wonder who punked them. Whoever did it, job well done. Related: the weather in my backyard absolutely sucks.

Via BNO.