Susan Boyle - who's had to cancel performance after performance on the Britain's Got Talent tour due to "exhaustion" - finally managed to take the stage tonight at England's famed Wembley Stadium Arena. How'd she fare?

Pretty good, from what we can tell. Some amateur video shot from the performance that ended a few hours ago has already made its way onto the YouTubes. Take a look and decide for yourself:

She looks like she might be doing okay, but, come on: a step at a time. If you've watched anything involving Susan Boyle, it's hard not to feel a little invested in this woman's sanity as an active participant on the precipice it's been hanging from. This isn't a tabloid thing like Jon and Kate Gosselin; maybe that's because she has yet to sport an Ed Hardy shirt or style her hair in the fashion of a Paul Mitchell-saturated porcupine, or maybe that's because she has some kind of legitimate talent most people would never know about (or in some cases: be touched by) if it weren't for this silly, stupid television show. And she's not aping for the cameras or sapping every spare moment of fame she can get her hands on. She's a normal person with an extraordinary ability thrust into a very, very bright spotlight. I still fall into the "cheering for this woman to remain sane" contingent. How about you?