Steve Jobs is famous for possessing a "reality distortion field" that bends people to his will. But today he's got nothing on his Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who talked shoppers into letting him jump an iPhone line.

To finagle a spot in line on the day of the new iPhone 3G S's release would be impressive enough; to do so in the heart of Silicon Valley, where new gadgets are especially coveted, implies Wozniak has grown his skills of persuasion to Jobsian heights. From a shopper in the MacRumors forums:

I arrived at 3:50am and Mr. Woz was chopping it up with the manager at Apple. Then around 4:30am he politely asked everyone in line if he could be the 1st to get his iPhone at the store and everyone said yes.

Of course, while Wozniak was talking people out of the precious spots in line, Jobs was collecting their money. The Apple CEO always manages to come out on top.

[via Business Insider]