Earlier this week we expressed dismay that wealthy San Franciscan heirs Peter and Billy Getty had decided to write an infuriating blog about: "What's it like to be rich?" And now, thanks be to god, Peter Getty wants to feud!

The brothers' terrible blog "What the Butler Didn't See," you'll recall, is a failed attempt to obviate class rage with cheeky, self-aware disclosure, which can be effective if well-executed, but is not effective when it manifests itself in sentences like "You can easily make far better hot dogs at home than they give you in the luxury boxes," or in biographical entries that say "Peter Getty has flirted occasionally with real work, but finding it wearisome, has returned full time to his first love, watching television."

So that's pretty much what we said, in a more profane way, and we though that was that, but turns out Peter Getty went all over the internet leaving indignant comments on every blog that hated on his blog, including ours!

Since practically none of the comments here address the article itself, I'd like to express my relief that it was so poorly written, so filled with unwarranted venom, so nakedly self-contradictory, and so nakedly hateful and so smug in jumping to absurd conclusions about our motives, reasoning and "self-awareness" (although Mr. Nolan concedes that he doesn't even know whether we're "good guys" or not, he somehow knows better than we do how we perceive ourselves). I'm proud that we hold our writing to a higher standard than this.

But even more exciting is Getty's comment on SFist, which includes this:

The Gawker piece, in its completely unwarranted hostility, false presumptions, blatant self-contradictions, and errors of basic spelling and vocabulary, has provided us with an excellent subject for our next post.

OOOOOOOOOOO. Ooo. Getty heir Peter Getty is going to bring the pain of an icy, cutting blog post directly into our area code! This will end well. Very well. Mr. Getty, we salute you for choosing to magnify this meaningless bicoastal internet class rage outpouring by a factor of one hundred. Never let it be said that you have something better to do than feud with underemployed "professional" bloggers, who decidedly do not have anything better to do. We are already composing a profanity-laced, grammatically incorrect and philosophically incoherent response in our head, clouded though it may be by the foul air of plebeian geography. Though your most recent comments on SFist indicate quite strongly that you may be a borderline wingnut by internet argument standards, we await your blow with grim determination, and neither Barack Obama nor a cat to assist us in our time of battle.

May our relationship be long and fruitful. I really think it will be.

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