If you're a realtor, it's hard to differentiate yourself, because realtors are all pretty much the same. Doesn't stop them from trying though! In honor of the housing bust, we bring you the best of America's worst realtor ads.

Ads via The Official Real"ad"tors Awards blog. Click to see the captions! We did this once before, too, which obviously did not stop the maniacal realtors.

He is a "working man." Is that even good? Also he's obviously insane.

She's just saying: To god be the glory. She's just saying.

Realtor and white slaver.

Liz Carter also sells reefs.

Chet's debilitating case of the mumps hasn't prevented him from becoming a real estate professional.

Because when you need to sell your house, why not have twins sell your house?

BONUS: Richard Blakeley brought this one to my attention. It's Brad J. Lamb, the fabled Moon Sheep of Toronto, and, presumably,close friend to Blakeley.