Blubbering controversialist and "real American" Glenn Beck has no reason to cry, which he fakes doing, all the time, to make money. According to Forbes, Beck made $23 million in the last 12 months.

We have no doubt that he spent all that money on Truck Nutz and Cheetohs—rather than, say, an impermeable barrier with which to wall himself off from poor people—because he is just one of the folks and really gets the day-to-day struggles you face.

In a report that came out a couple weeks ago but we just noticed, Forbes estimates that Beck made $10 million from his radio show, $2 million from his television show, $5 million from books, $3 million from speeches and personal appearances, and $3 million from his web site. That's right— brought in $3 million in revenue over the last year. Forbes ranks Beck at No. 81 among the richest celebrities, which puts him between Katherine Heigl and David Copperfield, which we think is exactly where he'd like to be.

Also, guess who's not on the list: Bill O'Reilly, the poor bold fresh piece of something-or-other from Levittown. Keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the prize, Bill. You'll make it some day.