Poor Griff Jenkins. He got all decked out in a tuxedo to harass whatever sort of Godless Americans attend ACORN conventions, only to get into a scuffle with one of those dang liberal bloggers, and we're all better for it!

You remember Griff Jenkins, right? He's Fox News' hipster ambassador, the innocuous-looking guy they send out regularly to carry on like an idiot around liberals, hoping he'll incite a riot so they can show the clip on their network and say, "look at how crazy these liberals are!"

And that's unquestionably what Griff, who brought his own red carpet to the event like a true journalist, was up to here when he had his "mess with a bunch of ACORN people" day crapped on by Adam Green of Open Left. Things just spiraled so horribly out of control in a matter of a couple of minutes that we doubt Griff was able to carry on. Poor Griff. Why don't liberals respect his First Amendment rights?

Finally, it should be noted that Gawker's John Cook is still hot on the tail of elusive O'Reilly Factor producer/creepy stalker Jesse Watters, so keep an eye out Jesse, okay?

Video via Open Left