In 1995, Rupert Murdoch founded The Weekly Standard, a right-wing magazine that lost millions of dollars every year. But his new toy is The Wall Street Journal, and so he's sold the Standard to another rich conservative.

Philip Anschutz, owner of the Examiner newspapers, is your bog-standard eccentric billionaire right-winger. He bought David Beckham, runs a Christian-friendly film company that produced the Narnia movies, and his Discovery Institute tirelessly battles the heretical idea that we evolved from monkeys. He owns many, many things. And now, one of those things is the Weekly Standard!

Being a right-wing writer is a pretty great gig because your owners do not give a shit if you make any money, as long as you're helping the cause. So congrats to Bill Kristol, the luckiest idiot in the world, because his position as editor of his shitty little magazine is probably safe. The guy cannot ever lose.

We don't know how much the mag went for but we are going to say "thirty-seven cents."