In our item about how Bill Clinton maybe got a lap dance from an Argentinian reality show star, we accidentally put up a picture of the Colombian Andrea Rincon. Here is the right one. Also: she makes some wild claims!

According to the correct Andrea Rincon, "Clinton me ofreció dinero por sexo." We do not speak Spanish, but we are pretty sure we get the gist of that!

Apparently Rincon charged Bill $1,000 dollars (US) for the dance, and then came the offer of "dinero por sexo."

This is how Google translates the last bit of that story:

His performance lasted five minutes and included a shower on stage. However there was no total nudity.

We apologize for the error! Also: why is she wearing Matt Drudge's hat, and is that why he hasn't picked this story up?

[Pic via Perfil]