Pedro Espada, the corrupt State Senator who decided to be a Republican the other week, says he gets two votes, because he is so special. And then the Bronx District Attorney kidnapped his housekeeper.

Not actually living in his Bronx district is just one of the things Espada is currently under investigation for (another is "funneling funds intended for AIDS victims into his campaigns"). But it is hard to prove! This is why the hero DA from the Bronx, Robert Johnson, stole Espada's maid, for a day.

Sen. Pedro Espada's housekeeper, who works at the senator's Westchester home, was detained Tuesday night and interviewed about the senator's residency by Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson, according to Espada Chief of Staff Andrew Yong.

The housekeeper was taken to the Bronx without counsel and was not arrested, according to Yong. A "friendly lawyer" called to demand arrest or release, and the district attorney let her go.

"She's obviously in extreme emotional distress," said Yong, who called the actions "clearly illegal harassment and politically motivated."

The Bronx District Attorney's office would not comment on anything related Sen. Pedro Espada, said spokesman Steven Reed.

Now when Espada says something happened, that is usually a good indication that it didn't happen, but this time it seems like it might've. So let's all just hope that this entire Albany thing ends with both of the assholes in jail. Or maybe with everyone in Albany in jail.