When the Daily Show sent Jason Jones to viciously mock the defenseless New York Times last week, the universal reaction was: Ouch. Except within the New York Times! They thought they did great.

Minutes after The Daily Show's segment on The Times aired last week, some in the Times newsroom voiced their sentiment that correspondent Jason Jones' "report" went just fine. "That was awesome," said one staffer to us on the night of the show. "We're good sports!"

Haha, presumably "one staffer" was neither Bill Keller nor Rick Berke, both of whom got embarrassed. But no Jason Jones revenge takedowns have been published yet, so maybe they really are good sports! John Koblin also finds out that the Daily Show cut out interviews with David Carr, Sewell Chan, and others, probably because they did not stare quizzically at a proffered paper with a deer-in-the-headlights look for a suitably awkward period of time.