On Facebook, 439 people said they might drop by the Ed Sullivan Theater today to demand that CBS dump David Letterman for sexually assaulting telling a bad joke about Sarah Palin's daughter. Approximately 400 of those people are liars.

We sent our very own video whiz Mike Byhoff up to midtown to check out the scene. What he found: a handful of retirees, some fans of radio host John Ziegler, one very bored looking little boy, and a scrum of media trying their best to keep this insipid feud going after Letterman apologized and Palin accepted it.

What have we learned from this little episode? First, we should send Mike out to shoot video more often — nice job, Mike. Second, what people say on the Internet has little bearing on what they do IRL. And lastly, we should all go re-read Daniel Boorstin.