Who was that insane lieutenant colonel telling Fox News we should bomb North Korea? That would be Robert Maginnis, who fought the gay menace for the Family Research Council, then claimed Iraq had many horrible weapons.

Maginnis today warned Fox's Shep Smith about how North Korea has Taepodong-2 missiles on the pad ready to launch, possibly aimed at the U.S. See the clip at left.

Keep in mind Maginnis' track record. Eight years ago, he participated in the a Pentagon program in which generals shilled for war, even though he felt "manipulated" and "very disappointed" with the quality of intelligence, as he later told the New York Times.

His warnings about Iraq were dire. From Media Matters' compilation:

Maginnis suggested on December 19, 2002, that chemical warfare was going to be a large component of the war and claimed that the Iraqi military was "going to have ... almost booby-trapped use of some chemicals in some built-up areas where civilians are going to be casualties."

Maginnis repeated this assertion — that Iraqi leaders were booby-trapping residential areas with chemical or biological weapons — on the January 15, 2003, edition of On the Record, stating: "[N]ot only [do] they develop them, they hide them. ... They know exactly where these things are. ... [T]hey are in residential areas, and they probably have some of the things that we've heard about," such as "smallpox material that's been weaponized."

...On February 3, 2003, he suggested that the reason U.N. weapons inspections turned up empty was "because some of the information somehow got out to the wrong people, and they were able to sanitize the site before the inspectors arrived," perhaps because Iraqis "infiltrated" the inspection teams.

Another trustworthy patriot, courtesy of Fox! Too bad good old General Buck Turgidson isn't around anymore. He was sort of the Robert Maginnis of his day: