We support the idea that kids should eat healthy food. Theoretically. But when it involves a crazy mom ranting against birthday cupcakes and battling Girl Scout cookies, we must demur. Meet MeMe Roth, publicist and food Nazi mother:

MeMe lives on the Upper West Side, and she has two kids in school (she also runs National Action Against Obesity). She is rather unpopular, because she really doesn't want her kids eating junk food. Reasonable, you say?

  • "What sets her off is the junk food served on special occasions: the cupcakes that come out for every birthday, the doughnuts her children were once given in gym, the sugary 'Fun-Dip' packets that some parent provided the whole class on Valentine's Day."
  • She makes her kids put every piece of food they get in school that is not the official school lunch in a Tupperware container dubbed the "junk food collector."
  • She tried to get the school to require permission slips for kids to have any food not on the lunch menu.
  • "Ms. Roth waged war on the bagels and Pringles meal served to kids at lunch." War!
  • When she met with the school's principal about the issue, she "threw candy onto the table and cursed."
  • "The police were called to a Y.M.C.A. in 2007 when she absconded with the sprinkles and syrups on a table where members were being served ice cream."
  • She called Santa Claus fat, in a bad way.

They're good friends with MeMe over at Jezebel too! She once compared eating to rape, for example. We're totally going to hand out Twinkies to P.S. 9 kids coming out of school tomorrow.
[NYT; Pic via. Read MeMe's testimonials here. She's "truly passionate about health and nutrition."]