The brain trust at Fox & Friends is often swatting at confusing things, trying in vain to figure them out, and today was no exception. The topic was that thing that's going on in Iran with the votes or whatever.

Their discussion mostly involved Brian Kilmeade—who we often think is the worst of the bunch but then we remember the other two and have to start all over again—trying to smash a round peg into the square hole of his mind and in the end failing to come up with anything more astute than People in Iran have long names.

In the background Gretchen Carlson—she's the worst! Oh, wait. No, there's Doocy too. And Kilmeade. Fuck.—nodded sagely and pawed a dust mote, while Doocy just softly wept in a corner, praying for news about things that are easy. Like Sarah Palin's daughter.