A new summer has blossomed (technically), and with it a new crop of celebrity media interns, riding their family names into coffee-fetching and fact-checking gigs that should rightfully go to miserable, debt-wracked, overqualified J-school graduates. This year's celeb intern class:

Elyssa Spitzer, Huffington Post—Eliot Spitzer's daughter (far left)! Interning at the Huffington Post! Funny, funny. We assume she's an intern, at least. This story today was "Filed by Elyssa Spitzer"—"filed," in the sense of "pasted from the AP." Apparently everyone at HuffPo has grace enough not to discuss the richness of their "Eliot Spitzer Prostitution" tag. We'd check and see how Elyssa got her job there, but they won't talk to us, about anything, as a matter of policy! Welcome to the new media revolution, Elyssa!

Theo Spielberg, New York magazine—Theo, son of Stephen Spielberg, is raking in $7.15 per hour this summer as an editorial intern at New York. He enjoys the real music scene so look for him...in places not covered by New York magazine. Interns there are also not allowed to speak to us, as a matter of policy!

Tallulah Willis, Harper's Bazaar—As the 15 year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Tallulah already has valuable experience in areas important to Harper's Bazaar editors, such as "Having direct access to Demi Moore and her friends." She's over there interning as "a guest" of the magazine, which is something they'll do for any teenager, just ask them! We don't have any harsh words to direct at the 15 year-old herself, but if she's still working in the media at 18, such words could manifest themselves.

As always, celebrity media interns were more qualified for the position than you. If you know more that should be added to this list, email us.