Megan Fox affirms that she's single and looking, Sienna Miller claims to have never been on a date or had a one-night stand, Susan Boyle is suffering from exhaustion, and Jon and Kate celebrate their anniversary apart.

  • Megan Fox wants everyone to know that she has definitely dumped David Silver and is so very single and is looking for a dude to bake cookies for and give her butt massages and whatnot. [Sun]

  • Sienna Miller claims that she's never been on a "real date," nor has she ever had a one-night stand, which is a shame. Really, she should have a few of those. Everyone should. [Page Six]

  • Susan Boyle's return to action on the Britain's Got Talent tour was short-lived as her doctor ordered her to get some rest due the extreme "exhaustion" she's been suffering from. She's a delicate little flower. [Daily Mail]

  • Jon and Kate Gosselin celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary over the weekend by...spending it apart! Apparently Kate spent the entire weekend with the kids while Jon's "whereabouts this weekend were unknown." [EOnline]

  • Jennifer Aniston thinks that she's a parallel between her actual life and the roles she plays in all of the romantic comedies she stars in. [Mirror]

  • Rihanna seems to be casting some sort of voodoo spell on Chris Brown, who just can't seem to help himself from falling back in love with her when he sees her at basketball games where she's rumored to be watching her new lover on the court. [Daily News]

  • Gwen Stefani says that being a full-time mom and wife doesn't leave much time for the glamor of being a rock star. [Daily News]

  • Justin Long, aka the "Mac Guy," doesn't have an iPhone. Instead he uses some piece of crap Motorola phone according to one of Page Six's tipsters. How horrible! [Page Six]

  • Madonna's latest adopted child has been flown to the U.S. and already been outfitted with a nanny and a private nurse. [Mirror]