MSNBC's token Republican Joe Scarborough appeared on a guest on Meet The Press this morning and essentially gave credit to Barack Obama for setting the stage for revolution in Iran with his recent speech in Cairo.

Scarborough, appearing with GOP strategist Mike Murphy in a roundtable discussion with host David Gregory, said, "I suspect that Cairo speech really scared the Grand Ayatollahs...If they were going to fix an election, this was the time to fix it."

Now, even the most hardcore Obama supporter would be hard-pressed to credit a single speech by the President with triggering a revolution in a Middle Eastern country, but Scarborough's theory that his words at Cairo University may have freaked out Iran's string-pullers to the point where they became too aggressive in their election-fixing, thus sparking a revolution by outraged citizens, does have a ring of plausibility to it.

And this sort of intellectual honesty is one of the reasons to like Joe Scarborough.

Video via Media Matters