Hello, salacious political gossip cross-section: in an interview with AC SlaterExtra's Mario Lopez, Levi Johnston revealed that he was "half-Mexican." Really?

Apparently so. Lopez Twittered the revelation last night, noting that: "Nice guy.Very shy and quiet. Loves moose hunting. Told me he's a half Mexican! Whoa." Woah, indeed. We're not going to imply that Sarah Palin's family - who reportedly gave daughter Bristol a car to breakup with Levi - are racists or anything, but, uh, wonder if they knew this, right?

Latino blog Guanabee tried to do some deductive research on the matter: his mother's name is Sherry, so they doubt that she's the Mexican half, and according to them, his father hasn't made any appearances since Levi started hitting the press circuit. It's a little hard to believe that this hasn't come out or been a headline until now, because the fact that Levi's mom raised her kids single is a pretty significant point in the whole Palin-Johnston child-rearing saga: a vice-preisidental candidate, and (incredibly) possible future presidential candidate - who ran a platform of traditional family values - gets her daughter to dump the father of her baby (and raise the kid "single") for a car.

Palin's conservative and right-leaning on family welfare issues, and some of the most in-need citizens in this country facing a welfare crisis are single parents. And Johnston, the teenage father of Palin's out-of-wedlock-born granddaughter, was raised by one. I'm not sure what the exact idiom on family issues being cyclical is, but feel free to pipe in with one: this is kind of the perfect example.

Levi Johnston Is Half Mexican. SARAH PALIN'S GRANBABY IS MEXICAN. [Guanabee]