Remember when it was the liberal guests who ended up looking like sputtering morons on the O'Reilly Factor? Tonight it was the host. Joan Walsh turned the tables.

Her secret?

  • Remain calm.
  • Finish your sentences, even if O'Reilly interrupts you.
  • Do your research and form your soundbites ahead of time.
  • Don't raise your voice higher than Bills, or get more emotional. This way, he looks like the crazy one, as nature intended.
  • Leave no charge unanswered, even if it sounds absurd. Especially if it sounds absurd.

The Salon editor's vitruoso performance led an enraged O'Reilly to the fantastic conclusion that, in fact, Walsh was responsible for the death of abortion doctor George Tiller, because she branded him a hero. Uh, OK! Well, it looks like that's all you have time for. Enjoy your weekend, Bill, and try not to think too much about how you had your ass handed to you, by a San Francisco liberal. That'll just make you angry.

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