Yikes. Dustin Lance Black, the dreamy Oscar-winning screenwriter of Milk, has just been betrayed by someone he knows... yeah, in that sense. Someone has sold sex pics to a photo agency, and now bad old Perez Hilton has found them.

The photos depict Black in a bed with another gentleman, back in November of 2006 (if the photo timestamps are to be believed). Perez suggests that there may also be video, which of course we would need to see were it to become available, for strictly journalistic purposes.

For now though, there are only the few photos, in which Mr. Black performs fellatio on his partner and receives him anally, sans condom. Eesh. Perhaps back in 2006 Black never imagined he'd become famous enough for someone to want to leak these for money. A rude awakening now, we'd imagine.

We also find it peculiar (and maybe heartening?) that a screenwriter would be featured salaciously in a sexy photo scandal. Is this all that stripping Diablo Cody's doing? I guess in Black's case, it helps if you're young and hot and terribly now. Basically, don't get any big ideas, Eric Roth.

Perez has the decidedly NSFW uncensored images over at his site. We haven't looked at them. We swear.

Photo: Getty.