Who can afford to be blasé about making money in this economy? A hot Web 2.0 startup, it turns out.

It turns out Dell sold $3 million worth of computer gear through its Twitter feed alone, meaning it has made $3 million more off Twitter than Twitter itself. Shouldn't Twitter be charging these guys? The revenueless microblogging service insists any moneymaking schemes must be sufficiently "interesting" and "innovative."

Enterprising Facebook employees, meanwhile, wanted to charge users a nominal fee for those custom short URLs that go on sale tonight ("facebook.com/whoever"). But the company reversed this decision, Business Insider reports. Bizarre. Is earning revenue at the nickel and dime level so shameful? It might be tougher than depositing a check from a Russian hedge fund, but the money is also free of money related complications.

(Pic by Joi Ito)