If you've ever wondered what kind of mother Kate Gosselin is behind the scenes, wonder no more. Access Hollywood released this clip today of footage caught just prior to an interview with Kate and her kids, and it's kinda troubling.

In a video shot back in January, we have Kate and the children getting set to be interviewed when Mady, one of the two older twins, complains to her mother that "I haven't had a drink all day" and "I'm going to get dehydrated." Kate then asks someone off camera to fetch her a bottled water, which she then proceeds to drink herself without giving any to Mady. When Mady, now close to tears, sees this she pleads with her mother to share the water, saying "I really, really need it," but Kate just tells her to "be quiet" because the interview is about to start.

Now, we don't quite agree with Michelle Collins of Best Week Ever that this is cause for Kate to be jailed, but we would like to at least see her have to have that wretched head of hers forcibly shaved by Mady and the other children. We think it's the fairest thing that could come out of this.