Question answered: Bruno is bad for the gays! Some gay groups are beginning a campaign against Sacha Baron Cohen's upcoming realityish comedy, about an Austrian fashion reporter who's a bit light in the loafers. GLAAD seems particularly unhappy.

A representative for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation told the New York Times for a feature running on Sunday that, while the movie's satire is "well-meaning," mostly it's just "problematic in many places and outright offensive in others."

Meanwhile the Human Rights Campaign feels that Bruno should be responsible for the fuckwittery of its audience, saying that a disclaimer should run before the film so people know that it's, y'know, sayin' somethin':

We strongly feel that Sacha Baron Cohen and Universal Pictures have a responsibility to remind the viewing public right there in the theater that this is intended to expose homophobia.

So what are we to think (and do) here? Say that these groups are being humorless prigs? Dismayingly acknowledge that they're sort of right—that now, especially, isn't the time for humor that might be interpreted the wrong way?

Honestly, we're really asking.