As we learn more about Don Broderick, the Fox News staffer who's accused of dragging a cyclist through Central Park, it sounds like he fits the tradition of Fox News' affinity for angry white men.

Gawker has learned that Broderick, currently a news writer for the angriest cable news network, was previously suspended for assaulting a Fox co-worker. The incident took place roughly ten years ago in the Fox newsroom. According to a source who witnessed the altercation, Broderick and a Fox colleague were arguing when Broderick took a swing at his co-worker. A security guard had to break up the fight, and Broderick was briefly suspended by Sharri Berg, who was at the time the network's vice president of news operations. No one was injured.

Called for comment, Broderick said, "I can't talk, I'm on deadline," and hung up. Neither Berg nor a Fox representative responded to phone and e-mail messages.

Last week, Broderick rammed bicyclist Brian Dooda with his SUV in Central Park after the pair got in a traffic argument, dragging Dooda on his hood for four blocks before leaving the scene. In his statement to police, Dooda described Broderick as driving with "psychotic intent" while Dooda begged for his life. Broderick told Gawker that Dooda was a "vigilante" who attacked and punched him. The NYPD is investigating the incident.